~Fabulous Mannerbund~

Made in France.

This is a community devoted to the beautiful amalgamation of Germanic stereotypes that is Baron Klaus Von Something-Or-Other, star of a Citroen ad campaign in the happy golden days of early 2008.  I'm sure there are many people who watched this advert and were gripped by a powerful desire, not to buy the car in question, but to have mad dirty sex with its driver.  This community is for us, the Klausophiles of the world. 

Is it the well-cut suit?  The stereotypical unmistakable German-ness?  That bit where he's walking towards the camera and oh my god he's slipping off his leather gloves?  Whatever the reason, this place exists for those who now swoon and blush a little every time we hear the opening bars of 'Ride of the Valkyries', or who've seriously considered buying a Citroen C5 in the hope that Klaus comes free with it.  Post your Klaus fanart, Klaus fanfic, Klaus LJ icons, Klaus poems, Klaus tattoos, Klaus screencaps, Klaus altars, Klaus Klauses...

In terms of rules, nothing much:

- Lock it and stick it under a cut if anyone's doing their wurst, so to speak.
- Ditto with the inevitable Nazi-themed shit.
- Ditto with your 4 trillion megabyte images.
- Any suggestions can be PMd to me.
- Some sorta disclaimer shit about how Klaus is the eternal sex slave of Citroen, not his fangirls, and thus blah blah blah no copyright infringement blah.

And for general administrationy kinda shite:

- I can't make layouts so it would be REALLY COOL if someone else could do so at some point (if this place ever gets more than three members or so), ideally something tongue-in-cheek and German as fuck, in keeping with the general sentiment of the community.
- The community icon:  there's a bewildering lack of screencaps from the ad about, and the love needs to be spread, so feel free to steal it and let it roam wild and free to all corners of the internet.  Plz to be crediting arashinotenshi since she made it all pretty and stuff.

Lastly, have fun.  This community is probably not supposed to be taken utterly seriously.